TU Delft

De vacature die u wilde zien is niet meer actief. In plaats daarvan tonen wij u alle actuele vacatures van het betreffende bedrijf.

Adres Mekelweg 5
Postcode 2628 CC
Plaats Delft
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Land Nederland
Website http://www.tudelft.nl

Over TU Delft

Delft University of Technology is a multifaceted institution offering education and carrying out research within the technical sciences at an internationally recognised level. TU Delft develops technologies for future generations, focusing on sustainability, safety and economic vitality.
The Department of Chemical Engineering challenges the future by carrying out cutting-edge research in the field of chemical technology. The Department’s current activities include the chemical engineering of structures on the nanoscale, in research areas such as Functional Nanostructured Materials, Catalysis and Chemical Engineering Fundamentals.

Building on its current strength and track record in the field of bulk-oriented chemical engineering and process technology, the Department now intends to expand its research portfolio significantly further towards nanochemical engineering. New research will be initiated in close collaboration with other researchers in the ‘nano’ field at TU Delft.

Vacatures voor dit bedrijf

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